The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!


Are you ready to DECIDE to make a difference?
Are you willing to COMMIT yourself to a change?
Now you are ready to ACHIEVE anything! 



Open 24/7

   Spin Cycle

 M & F

   W 6:00PM
  Sat 8:15AM
 Circuit Training/Boot Camp  Th 5:00AM
Kettlebell Training


  Sat 7:15AM
Turbo Kick W 5:00AM
   Sat 6:00AM

New at Modern Health & Fitness!!!
Class Punch Cards (Call For Details)

Try a Spin Class Under the New Disco Lights!!

Canton's 1st Indoor Group Cycling Classes

Supplements, Protein Drinks, Thermogenic Fat Burners
Tanning and Tanning Lotions, Gym Attire

Call for Membership Info NOW!

 Call (309) 647-9000 for details.

Modern Health and Fitness
2011 E Chestnut
Canton, IL 61520

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